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Webminstats is a basic system static logging application that graphs the results. It's first use is system analysis.

Currently it uses webmin as a base web server and tools package, with rrdtools as database.

The basic design is for a system that can have modules add and removed as easily as webmin itself, well almost.

you can also have a look at other similar projects :

  • munin
  • cacti
  • mrtg : Multi Router Traffic Grapher, better for network monitoring and batch use
if you search for a monitoring software with alarms and notifications :
  • nagios+nagiosgraph : very good for small or big networks, lot of plugins
  • zabbix : seems very powerful for graph products

Current release
stable 2.17 2017-09-29
all modules versions 2017-09-29
opensource for this and any later release gpl
what does the software allow ? features
list of modules module list
what do you need to have it work ? webminstats requirement
operating system compatibility module compatibility array
How to install ? webminstats install manual
How to use it ? webminstats usage manual
Frequently asked questions webminstats FAQ
How it works ? webminstats internals
How to write a new module ? WritingHowTo
Changelog and News
to see the project news webminstats news
to see the project changelog webminstats changelog
Download from sourceforge webminstats package (tar.gz)
Download beta from sourceforge webminstats devel package (tar.gz)
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gpg key gpg.asc
to see our nice :) web interface webminstats screenshots
how to contact the webminstats support
want to contribute to the project ? contribute
what I planned for next releases ? todo
people, I want to thanks credits
some examples of use examples
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