1. check compatibility
  2. install required software
  3. webminstats install
  4. webminstats update
  5. remove webminstats
  6. webminstats module installation
  7. webminstats module upgrade
  8. delete a webminstats module
  9. troubleshooting

check compatibility

First look at webminstats requires to know if it can work on your host.

install required software

remark : if you work on an rpm based distribution, prefer rpm package.


this language is installed on most unix computers. You just have to check the release


Webminstats is a module for webmin software.


webmin is often provided by Linux distribution, but you can get the last release (in tar.gz or rpm) from webmin


note that webminstats use :


test it with this URL : http://localhost:10000 or https://localhost:10000


Webminstats use rrdtool as database software, so you have to install it too.


Some distributions may provides rrdtool packages, but my advice is to download it from : But you must be careful with binaries : webminstats now use rrdtool Perl module RRDs, and this one depends on Perl version.


nothing special if release accorded to Perl


you can test it with perl -e 'use RRDs;print "ok\n"' command.

webminstats install

interactive install from webmin interface

	cron stop
	Initial Configuration - Installing Modules.
	Installing module upload.tar.gz -> Files installed -> cpu-0.11.0d -> upgrade -> Completed
	database modifications ...ok
	cron restart

start data aquisition

after install, you have to click on "start" button (bottom of main page) to launch data acquisition.
if your webmin install is not "linux-standard"(config files on /etc lib and scripts on /usr, ...), you will have to adapt the /etc/cron.d/webminstats file for a correct sysstats.pl path.

webminstats update

same as webminstats install
webmin will erase old webminstats version, but not webminstats databases.
webminstats can detect old install and recover it's data.

remove webminstats

webminstats module installation

webminstats module update

same as webminstats module install
as said, webminstats should detect previous module and upgrade

delete a webminstats module


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